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Fantastic experience, super helpful, attentive and friendly. We'll definately be back!
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We had a BRILLIANT time! We will definately be returning.
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Please don't hesitate to book a Mini Off-Rovers experience, you will not be disappointed!
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We simply cannot wait to come back and do it again!
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FUN, EXCITING, ADVENTUROUS AND OUTDOORS...what more could you ask for?! I have nothing but praise for Mini Off-Rovers!
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FUN, EXCITING, ADVENTUROUS AND OUTDOORS...what more could you ask for?! I have nothing but praise for Mini Off-Rovers!
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Yet again we had another fantastic experience with Mini Off-Rovers. This is an experience not to be missed. We'll definately be back again!
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Cannot recommend highly enough, a truly 5* expereince. Thank you Mini Off-rovers, already looking forward to our next visit
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Always mindful of their own expectations as a family, it's clear Clare and Chris have put so much passion into this concept. Worth every penny! Highly recommend.
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A truly fantastic experience! 5*! We will definately be back!
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Highly recommend Mini Off-Rovers. The service from booking to the experience was excellent. We had the best day!
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Brilliant service by the Mini Off-Rovers team yesterday. Our girls absolutley loved it! If you're thinking about booking, don't even hesitate, do it.
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Absolutley superb. Thank you! We will be back!
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Absolutley amazing! Very well put together. We will definatley return!
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I would highly recommend Mini Off-Rovers. Highly professional, very well organised and a fantastic experience!

Get Ready for Adventure

Mini Land Rover Experiences for children

Thanks to Mini Off-Rovers, your child doesn't need to wait until they're 17 to enjoy the thrill of driving a Land Rover! Our Mini Land Rover driving experience enables children to feel just like Mum and Dad, giving them a thrilling driving experience that they won't forget in a hurry. The Mini Off-Rover experience is truly special , providing unrivalled entertainment for children and everlasting memories for families.

Featuring across numerous private and public events across the North West, Mini Off-Rovers provides electric Land Rover driving experiences for children between 5 and 9 years. Your child can take the wheel of one of our luxury Mini Land Rovers, enjoying the exhilarating thrill as they navigate across the off-road terrain. Our Mini Land Rover's features make them feel like the real thing, with a steering wheel, starter key, direction switch and lights, with a top speed of 5 miles per hour.

At a Mini Off-Rovers event, your child will experience an off-road course which is tailored to the venue. This means one experience with us is never enough! Children love returning to experience off-road driving with us at a brand new location, experiencing different terrain and new scenery.

Enjoy truly unique entertainment and create unforgettable memories with Mini Off-Rovers.

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Experience Days

Mini Off Rovers' driving experiences offer your child as authentic a driving experience as it is possible for them to have. No barriers; no boundaries; no containment, just a proper 4x4 off-road adventure that will leave them amazed! We host our experience days at carefully chosen country estates to ensure you have the best day out – including superb facilities and amenities – on top of an unbelievable drive, so the whole family can enjoy themselves. Our events are bespoke to each venue and comprise of varied terrain including many stunning natural features of the diverse landscapes our chosen estate have to offer. Booking couldn't be easier too, just head over to our events page and click on your preferred event.

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Our number one priority

We think it's time to move over and let your child get behind the wheel of their own mini 4x4 off-road vehicle and experience the thrill of driving...all by themselves! If the sound of the words 'children' and 'driving' in the same sentence make you equally as nervous as excited...we got you. We want our young drivers to have an unforgettable experience , whilst giving you the peace-of-mind that they're as safe as can be. That's why our cars are designed specifically with children in mind. They have the highest safety specification possible with many integrated safety features whilst looking and, importantly, FEELING real!
As a family-run business, with children of our own, we understand that safety is the number one priority, and that's also why we have a strict lower age bracket and incorporate other safety measures on the day of your experiences, including having your child complete a thorough practice drive. If you have any questions regarding safety in particularly, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Our approach to safety:

Highest vehicle safety specification
Risk & Fire Assessment Compliant
Vehicles regularly serviced
Strict safety protocol

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