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Private Party Hire

Fancy a Mini Off-Rovers party at home?! Or venue local to you? No Problem. If you have the space, we'll bring the cars, and get everyone revved-up for a party with a difference.

We are happy to bring our mini Land Rovers to you if you have a large open space that is 50m x 30m minimum, completely or predominantly flat, either grassy or hardstanding. Examples include: gardens, fields, farms, menages, Scout Hut playing fields, Primary School playing fields.


Let the fun commence! A Mini Off-Rovers' team member will invite your group gather together when it's time to get the party started.

The team will go through some safety information with the children first, then explain how the party works – being that they'll be more children than cars. Do not worry, we shall manage everything and ensure everyone will have fun! Tracks created in flat open spaces makes an exciting experience to drive off-road whilst enabling the youngest of vehicle occupants to remain safe. Each lap of the track would typically be a few minutes long and children will complete one revolution before allowing a child who is waiting, their turn. Everyone gets plenty of driving, but whilst waiting for their turn, they're also welcome to ride as passenger for a friend.

Throughout the duration of the party, it's always a good idea for their to be a second activity for the children to enjoy, and that which they can switch so they can take an occasional break if they wish. For example: bouncy castle, water guns, ball games etc.

Party Food

After an hour of driving , we will take a 30 minute break so you can serve the party food and keep everyone fuelled for fun!

End of the Road

We shall bring the party to a close by gathering all the children together and doing a driving license presentation, where each child will take home one of our personalised super-realistic driving licenses complete with their full name, D.O.B and unique driving license number (all details for which are captured before/during the party so they're prepared in advance and ready to present.)

Party Schedule Example (flexible):

1 hour driving
30 minutes for lunch break
45 minutes driving
15 for driving licence presentation

Information at-a-glance:

4 mini Land Rover vehicles
Recommended maximum no of children 20 (12-15 comfortable)
Personalised driving licenses for each child at the party
Mini Off-Rovers staff-managed activity
We accept party bookings for children turning 5, 6 or 7 years old
Drivers must be a minimum of 4 years old (i.e: a friend or relative of the birthday child)
Children under 4 years old may ride as a passenger
Max vehicle speed 5 MPH
No adults allowed to drive
Site visit maybe required prior to accepting booking
We shall create the track
Nationwide covered. Private Party Hire from £500.

To Book:

Call: Clare on 07423 041 790

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