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(as referenced, but not limited to, those mentioned in the Liability Waiver) Please retain a copy of these terms and conditions for your reference and referral.

1. No child under the age of 5 years is permitted to drive a Mini Off-Rover vehicle.
2. The child assessed as safe to drive and whom was driving at the commencement of the experience must
remain as the driver throughout the experience.
3. The driver must not only meet the minimum age requirement but be deemed competent and capable to
drive a vehicle of the size, weight and nature of a Mini Off-Rover vehicle by Mini Off-Rovers staff.
4. Any child riding as passenger must meet the minimum age requirement of 2 years old and must not exceed
the upper age limit for passengers of 4 years old.
5. Any child riding as passenger must be deemed suitable and capable enough to do so without posing as a
distraction or a risk of causing injury or harm to persons or property. For example, the child will not try to
climb out of the vehicle whilst it is in motion or attempt to grab the steering wheel.
6. No more than one child is permitted to ride in the vehicle as a passenger, and this must be in the passenger
7. At no time is any child permitted to ride inside the vehicle behind the driver, be it completely or
8. At no time must the driver and passenger swap positions in the vehicle.
9. All children drive at their own risk.
10. No refunds will be given if the driver is unable to demonstrate that they are capable of managing the vehicle
safely , without putting him/herself, or others, at risk of harm or injury – in accordance with the terms and
conditions as included in our booking information.
11. Mini Off-Rovers reserves the right to refuse/cut short the activity if the driver poses a risk to him/herself, or
others, through improper use of the vehicle or through insufficient capacity, be it mental or physical at any
time during the experience.
12. One adult per vehicle must accompany it at all times.
13. At no time must the accompanying adult use a mobile phone or similar smart devise whilst the vehicle is in
motion and must avoid distractions that prevent him/her from being able to supervise the vehicle at all
times throughout the experience.
14. At no time must the supervising adult, or any other member of their party – be it adult or child – distract the
driver, either directly or indirectly.
15. At no time must an adult, or person above the maximum driving age, sit in or on the vehicle in any way.
16. Breach of the terms of this agreement as they are laid out will result in immediate ceasement of the activity.

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