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Sunday 9th July


This is a driving experience for children. Each mini Land Rover holds 1 driver, 5-9 years-old (inclusive) & 1 passenger, 2-4 years-old (inclusive). Strictly no adults or children over 9 years-old are allowed to drive on or in the vehicles. Please do not book one car for 2 children of driving age – they are not allowed to share driving – they will require a car each.

Off-Road Explorers is back!!!!

Mini Off-Rovers is getting revved-up to bring their mini Land Rover driving experience back to Capesthorne Hall for a newly-scheduled date this June!

Once again, we're delighted to offer families the opportunity to enjoy a mini Land Rover exploration of the Capesthorne Hall Estate, near Macclesfield, Cheshire....and take home an extra special souvenir! (And, the opportunity to win a FREE Halloween Spooky Safari Drive!!)

Mini Off-Rovers allows children to get behind the wheel and enjoy a thrilling driving experience, completely in control of their own vehicle and having to navigate terrain that is exciting yet challenging.

After a short practice and satisfactory demonstration of driving ability, together with a responsible adult(s), you'll begin your experience and drive the route we have planned for you around the estate which incorporates many of it's stunning features.

There is simply no better opportunity to earn a 4x4 off-road driving licence than through a Mini Off-Rovers Experience where children are afforded an unparalleled amount of freedom and independence and have their driving skills and confidence truly put to the test...and the whole family enjoy the thrill of it!

Upon completion of their experience, each driver will receive one of our unique driving licences included in the price of the drive. Lanyards, enabling them to wear their driving licence with pride, will be available to purchase on the day for a small additional cost.

Each driving experience is 30 minutes long, but we know you'll want to spend longer than that at this fantastic venue so we are inviting you to spend the day with us.

There are several cars available at each time slot so choose your preferred time and press 'book', you will then be able to increase the number of bookings at this time slot on the next page.

FREE HALLOWEEN DRIVE COMPETITION ENTRY DETAILS – After many requests, our Mini Off-Rovers baseball hats are now available to purchase on ETSY! They make the perfect accessory to drive one of our Mini Off-Rovers in, and together with one of our unique driver's licences, make the BEST souvenir-set! ALL YOUNG DRIVERS WHO ARRIVE IN ONE OF OUR HATS ON THIS EVENT, WILL BE AUTOMATICALLY ENTERED INTO OUR DRAW TO WIN A FREE HALLOWEEN SPOOKY SAFARI DRIVE DURING THE OCTOBER HALF-TERM HOLIDAY!!

Important information – PLEASE READ BEFORE BOOKING.

By booking, you are confirming you have read the Activity Participation Agreement and read and agree to the following:

Duration of experience: 30 minutes + practice time

Cost of experience: £35

The cost of your experience includes entry for up to 2 adults and 2 children (driver + younger sibling) into the estate. Once on the estate, you are free to enjoy their trail activity and visit The Lakeside Cafe)

Normally entry fee for a family of four is £23 (family ticket)

There is a £2 parking fee per vehicle – payable upon entry into the car park.

Siblings between and including the ages 2-4years, are once again welcome to ride as a passenger for free.

There must be one adult to supervise each vehicle in your booking.

The accompanying adult must be able to keep-up with the vehicle at all times to provide constant supervision and to be able to assistance if needs be. The accompanying adult must be able to manage a 30 minute fast-paced walk (very fast in places) in order to do so. This will mean that it may not be appropriate for one adult to bring a child of driving age plus younger siblings that require papooses/prams/pushchairs, as this will inhibit them from being able to keep-up with the vehicle. Younger siblings may also prove a distraction from being able to supervise adequately.

We shall refuse to allow a drive to commence if they do not have the appropriate level of adult supervision. No refunds will be given in these circumstances.

It may be inappropriate to bring along some breeds of dog that are not able to manage a fast-paced walk.

We have set the minimum driving age at 5 years old. Each vehicle weighs 200kg and unlike other vehicles of a similar nature that children may be used to driving, such as quad bikes, these vehicles are not power assisted, so as well as being heavy, they are tough to steer.

Each child will therefore be required to complete a short driving practice – allowing us to assess their capability at handling the vehicle. By age 5 years, most children can manage them, but height, strength, confidence, concentration and awareness also factor in their ability to be able to drive safely – both to themselves and others.

During the practice, children will have to, for example, demonstrate that they can follow our instruction, drive at a steady pace, be able to navigate around static objects and do an emergency stop. It is solely the decision of Mini Off-Rovers staff as to whether the child has completed the practice satisfactorily and is thus deemed capable of safely completing this experience.

A driving practice will take place for a maximum of 10 mins. Sometimes a longer practice will result in a satisfactory demonstration of driving ability but this is not possible due to the timed-slots nature of this event.

No refunds will be given if a child cannot complete a satisfactory demonstration of skill during their allocated 10 min driving practice, and therefore cannot complete the experience.

No adults or children above the maximum driving age are allowed to sit in or on the vehicle, completely or incompletely, at any time.

No auto shut-off button is distributed to supervising adults during this event; a child has to be deemed safe to drive independently in order to drive on this experience.

A parent will be required to sign a copy of our Activity Participation Agreement and a Liability Waiver before the experience commences. Please read these prior to booking. Links to both can be on our Home Page.

If staff witness behaviour that is not compliant with the Activity Participation Agreement, Mini Off-Rovers will stop the experience with immediate effect. No refunds will be given in these circumstances.

In line with our T&Cs, no refunds shall be given for whatever reason 13 days or less prior to the event.

Any questions, please drop us a quick line. We're more than happy to help. Contact us at or via Facebook or Instagram.

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